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Lawn Fertilizing

Seasonal Lawn Fertilizing Services
For a beautiful looking, lush, green, lawn.

All beautiful lawns share a few things in common and it’s certainly not an accident.  Those beautiful looking lawns aren’t just the results of someone regularly mowing the lawn they often also have a regular fertilizing and feeding schedule to keep the grass healthy.  Fertilizing your lawn can be a tricky business if you don’t know and understand the specific nutrients your lawn might need at different stages of the growing season.

Why Do You Want To Fertilize Your Lawn?

  • You know it needs to be done you just don’t know the right formula to choose?
  • You have patchy, dead, or dying brown grass.  (this could also be from lack of water or pests)
  • Having a healthy looking, lush, green, lawn is important to you.
  • For once in your lifetime you want the best looking yard on the street?

Executive Lawn And Landscape is a local lawn care company based out of Mechanicsville and serving Hanover County, Virginia.  We specialize in providing seasonal fertilizer to your lawn and grassy areas on your property.

We can provide lawn fertilization for private residential properties, HOA’s, townhomes and even commercial properties too.

Lawn Fertilization We Offer

  • Scheduled Lawn Fertilization
  • Commercial Lawn Fertilization
  • Public Facility Lawn Fertilization
  • Lawn Aeration Service
  • Lawn Restorations and Patch Repair

When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Usually the best time to fertilize your lawn is in the early spring.  This ensures your lawn has the nutrients it needs for the season with heaviest growth.

As professionals we prefer to use slow-release or “time release” fertilizers which break down their nutrients over a longer period of time.  This enables your lawn to go longer between applications of fertilizer., so you can wait longer between applications.  Your watering schedule will also have an impact on the regularity of your lawn feeding program.

The Right Fertilizer For Your Lawn

What do those numbers on the bag of lawn fertilizer mean?  They are the amount of specific nutrients in that specific formula.  Like all plants, the grass that makes up your lawn thrives on the elements N, P, and K.  The “N” stands for Nitrogen (which is good for lush green vegetative growth), “P” is for Phosphorus, and “K” is for Potassium (it’s element letter from the periodic table).

Your grass requires these elements and many other trace elements in varying amounts throughout the year.  For example, in the spring when rapid growth is happening very quickly your grass will need more Nitrogen.  Knowing this important balance of seasonal nutrient requirements makes a big difference in how effective your lawn feeding strategy will be.

Fertilizer isn’t just a one time thing either… If you want a healthy looking lawn then it needs to be fed regularly usually in 4-8 week intervals for the best results.  There are literally thousands of lawn fertilizing products on the market but we use specific formulas we know work well for the grass in our area and the local climate.

If you’d like to get an estimate to fertilize your lawn then please give us a call (804) 807-9688 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.